Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Kitchen!

said Interior Design: One Thing Leads to Another...

said Interior Design: One Thing Leads to Another...

One Thing Leads to Another...

My longtime friends Dan and Donna Bush took the plunge to do a major remodel of their home which was featured in the May 6 edition of the Home and Garden Section of the Oregonian! They did what many people would consider folly, hired a friend to work with. As it turned out for me, they were the dream clients that every designer hopes to work with--it was really a collaborative effort and I think the results speak to that. You can see the "before" pictures of their kitchen on my website as well as photos of the master suite.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fate Intervenes

Sometimes, fate works in curious ways. Our family room/sewing room/workout room was in desperate need of a remodel. (You know, the shoemakers kids going without shoes syndrome.) However, it wasn't in the budget for another year or two but the aforesaid fate and a broken water main intervened and now we are knee deep in a full remodel. Our fantastic insurance company Safeco and the cleaning service Serv-Pro have made it possible for us to remodel immediately! I will be posting the progress in the next few weeks. It took quite awhile just to dry out the space and then to empty it of every single thing!! Can you imagine?? I have learned I really don't need half of the things that I had been saving! Now my wonderful husband Phil has been working seven days a week to create the "new" space and he is doing a fantastic job. Anyway, this is a before picture--and I will be posting the progress as time goes on. Thanks for reading!

February 20, broken water main floods our family room!