Tuesday, September 14, 2010

let's try twitter........

Please pardon our dust as we try to connect the blog to twitter....no small feat, it seems.


I am sooo happy! I just got Miss Sue signed up for Networked Blogs so this blog links directly to Facebook! One less thing to do...

Friday, September 10, 2010

0 Calorie Cupcakes!

Flower Angel

Cupcake Angel
Hi there readers--
yes, believe it or not, it is me blogging 2 days in one week! Well, I am feeling particularly inspired and wanted to show you some of the new things here at said.

You know how we like to bring our friends cake on their birthday, but then it turns out they have given up sugar and they have the will power of Joan of Arc and we end up eating cake for two, even though we said we were going to save the extra cake for for our husband, but end up eating it in the car? You know who you are.
Well here is the perfect solution. These adorable cupcakes complete with a candle and the willpower angel are the best no calorie gift you can give. It turns out you can have your cake and not eat it! Who wouldn't love to get or give these little sweets.
Also by the same artist from Corvallis, Oregon, are these for lack of a better word, Flower Frogs, but these are actually Flower Angels! You can put tiny little flowers and leaves in them and nestle them on the nightstand by your bed--or in the bathroom or guest bedroom. They are sure to bring a smile to any ones face! These would make great gifts too. It is not too early to start thinking about the holidays. Yikes!
Have a great week, and stop in and see me sometime!


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Worth the Wait!

Hello again readers--

Can it really be September and my last post was in July??? I must be having fun, because time is flying by! Our family room is nearing the home stretch and we are very happy with the results. Our sofa was finally delivered and we now have a place to sit and watch tv or lie down and read. The sofa is extra long making it comfy for two people even if one of those people might be lying down. Guess which people that might be? Anyway, let me tell you the details. The sofa is from Hickory Chair, and I have to tell you it is so comfortable. It has 4 back cushions, 2 seat cushions and is just the right firmness. The rug is from Designers Guild in, of course, my favorite color of chartruese green and features a great geometric design that I felt was a nice foil to the vintage pieces that we have. The coffee table is from the 70's--a large burled piece of wood with an organic shaped piece of glass on top. I love this table! The chairs are from a consignment store, leather with oversized tacks adding a smooth texture. I wanted to show you the new flat screen tv and media center, but the photo was poor so I will post it next time.

On the far side of the room, I have a desk from Hickory White--different company from the sofa company with art books to peruse or to sit with a laptop and have a view of the back yard as we work. Above the desk, family photos. Finally, the adorable drawing with the saying "be a dear to our forst friends" was a contest winner painted by my son Marv when he was in the 3rd grade! He is still an artist today.

We still have a few things to do. I am having roman shades made for the window and drapes for the door--but it feels great to be this far. Let me know what you think! I would love to hear from you.