Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Drying Out!!!

Well as you can see dear readers, everything was emptied out of our basement, which consisted of a full bath, a laundry room, a family room and a sort of odd but large bedroom. Everything (and I mean everything, who knew I had so much stuff?!) was loaded into a "pod" that is currently sitting outside of our driveway waiting for the construction to be done and at which time it will be unloaded into our "new" spaces! I can't wait. Now, we are in the process of making what seems to be a million decisions as we re-create our living space and bring it into the 21st Century. Gone will be the burnt orange carpet, again original to the house when we bought it in 1985. Gone, odd little closet door with a 8" step up into it??! Gone, aluminum windows which actually allowed bugs through the casings--weird, but true, and gone, asbestos linoleum tiles still in the laundry and odd bedroom where our daughter once slept. Let the decision making begin--stay tuned.

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