Friday, February 24, 2017

A Steampunk Tea

Hi Everyone!
Clearly I am a very sporadic blogger--I have every intention of blogging more regularly seems to get in the way!
Annnnyway, I have entered the Suduko contest on Pattern Review, which consists of making 10 coordinating garments in two months.  I had completed 4 of the 10, when my sweet daughter-in-law Teri, and my little 3 year old granddaughter Emily, recently went to a tea house in Hillsboro.  We have decided to try different tea rooms in the Portland and outlying areas.  Teri is great at sleuthing out new ones and she mentioned that there is a Steampunk Tea House right in my area!  Who knew? Well, with that, the 5th piece of my 10 piece wardrobe went out the window and I was on a mission to make a 3 year old Steampunk going to tea outfit!  I wonder if I have a bit of ADD or was I just seduced by the fact that there is no fitting issues with a toddler garment.  
I looked through my stash and found a black fabric with black and white polka dot ribbon applied on it creating random circles.  I think it may be a Gertie fabric from Joanns. I decided to use it to create steampunk looking skirt.  I used Simplicity 2356 for my pattern, and for the underskirt I dug out a vintage black crinoline that I had bought several years ago at a thrift store that would be perfect for that use.  Next, I made some leggings from a black and white stripe knit that I had bought some time ago--can't remember why, but it was perfect for this ensemble; not that I am any kind of expert on steampunk, but after a visit to Pinterest, this seemed to be the perfect compliment to the skirt.  I used the Johnny Mango Seed legging pattern. I believe this is an out of print pattern, in fact I think the company is no longer in business.
Finally, I was at Target to pick up a couple of things, when I found a pair of suspenders and some punk looking boots to finish the look! 

What a fun project and I can't wait to visit the Clockwork Rose Tea Emporium with my special girls!!  
Steampunk skirt with leggins

Crinoline peeking out 

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